Nestlé® FITNESS® wholegrain breakfast cereals- Energy to keep going!

When women want to achieve things in life, they can over-come anything, but it takes energy to get there! Every spoonful of FITNESS® cereals is made with wholegrain wheat and oats. It also has B-Vitamins, to help energy release. As well as tasting great, whole grain is an important part of a balanced diet, providing fibre and other nutrients as well as vitamins and minerals. 

At FITNESS® we champion the everyday health and well-being of women, which is why for 9 years we have been supporting Alma Zois and Greece Race for the Cure®, being sponsors of the program of Clinical Breast Exams Program for young women (20-39 years old). 

Our goal is simple: to highlight the importance of regular breast self-examination, ensuring that any signs of breast cancer are caught early enough to act upon.

Together we can keep going to support women everywhere. Because whatever you want to achieve, you’ll need energy and determination.


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