Terms and Conditions – Greece race for the Cure ® participants



  • All registrations will be closed until October 30rd, 2023
  • Race Committee guarantees that the first 35.000 participants will receive the race kit. The t-shirt size cannot be guaranteed for any participant.

I hereby wish to declare that:

  1. My consent to and acceptance of the following terms of participation is necessary for registering and being permitted to participate in Greece Race for the Cure®.
  2. I am a voluntary participant in this event and in good physical condition.
  3. I know that the Race is a potentially hazardous activity.
  4. I take full and complete responsibility for any injury or accident which may occur during my participation in the Race or while on the premises of the Race.
  5. I release and hold harmless and covenant not to suit against the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, the Think Pink Europe as well as their affiliates, their employees, their Race Sponsors and all other persons or entities associated with the Race, as regards any claims I may have arising out of my participation in the Race, including personal injury or damage suffered by me or others, whether caused by falls, contact with participants, conditions of the Race or for any other relevant reasons.
  6. In case I do not follow all the rules of the Race, I recognize and accept that I may be removed from the Race.
  7. The organizers have no responsibility for what happens during the race, regarding health issues and issues attributed to lack of preventive medical check of the participants. It is recommended that participants have recently undergone a medical examination and are in good physical condition. The organizers will not request medical reports from any participant, as all participants are attending the race under their own exclusive responsibility. Underage participants attend the race under their guardians’ responsibility.
  8. I have informed my team members and/or other people whom I have undertaken to have registered for the race concerning the terms of participation in the Greece Race for the Cure ® and I have received their consent and their authorization.
  9. I accept that the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” and the Think Pink Europe retain the right to postpone or cancel the Race in case of extreme weather conditions or in any case of extreme circumstances (force majeure). In case of cancellation of the Race, the registration fee for participating in the Race will be rendered and considered as a charitable contribution to the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, without any right for refunding being offered to me.
  10. I agree and accept that, in case of a donation, the corresponding amount is not necessarily directed to the specific action or program referred to in this form/ in the website www.greecerace.gr or in the donations’ form. The description of the programs accompanying the donation amounts is indicative and refers to several of the Association’s “Alma Zois” programs or activities funded by the net revenues of Greece Race for the Cure® as well as by the amount of money raised through the donations.
  11. For participants under 18 (underage) taking part in one of the above races (Walk 2km, Race 5km), the registration form has to be submitted by the parent on parental responsibility and custody. By submitting the corresponding request for participation, the consent of the parent or of person having custody by law for the participation of the underage in the race is deemed to have been given.
  12. I give my full, informed, free, specific and explicit consent to the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”, to the Think Pink Europe and to the persons under their direct authority to make use of any photograph, videocassette, audio cassette or other recording of my image/voice during the Race, with the purpose of creating an archive video for that Race and building the Promotional Campaign for the next Races. The above-mentioned personal data of mine will be retained for a period of 5 years after the realization of the Race, in accordance with the above-described purpose of use, and will then be destroyed in a way that is appropriate to their embedded material.
  13. I consent fully, freely, specifically and explicitly to the use and – processing of the data I declare in this form by the Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” and the persons under its direct authority, with a view to being informed about the news and actions of the Association, as well as to being invited to any activities organized the Association, via relevant e-mails sent to me or/and phone calls to my phone number. Μy personal health data about breast cancer that I might have declared on the present registration form, is declared in order to participate with a pink T-shirt, that aims at a more effective awareness for breast cancer and at a more effective early diagnosis of the disease. The personal data that concerns my health and the data concerning my possible participation in a team that is registered at the Race 5km or the walk 2km, will be retained for a period of 5 years after the realization of the Race. My personal data concerning my age, size of T-shirt for the Race will be destroyed after the realization of the Race in a way that is appropriate to their embedded material.
  14.  I have the right to know which personal data concerning me are or have been processed and used, to raise at any time objections to such processing and use, to request the deletion of my personal data and to revoke at any time my consent to the processing and use of my personal data as described in the foregoing nos. 7 and 13 paragraphs of this document. Any such revocation on my part will not have a retroactive effect, but will only be valid for the future, so that the processing and use of my personal data that will have already occurred until the revocation will not be rendered unlawful ex post facto.
  15. For the exercise of these rights, I know that I can address to Mr Giannis Kalantzakis, who has been appointed as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) by the Ηellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois”. Furthermore, I was told that I have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

DPO Contact info: | E-mail: dpo@almazois.gr | Address: 11, Ipirou Str., Athens
Data Controller: Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma Zois” | T. 210 41 80 006 | breastca@otenet.gr | Address: 11, Ipirou Str., Athens