-Since 2009-



Against breast cancer


For breast cancer patients


For breast cancer survivors


To those that are no longer with us


For every woman


40.000 and… we go on against breast cancer!

Today, together we give a message of strength to every woman with breast cancer but also to each one of us that we go on regardless the circumstances. 

11 years now, together, through Greece Race for the Cure®, we are implementing programs that increase early diagnosis, improve patients’ quality of life and support scientific research in Greece.

Our goal: a world without deaths from breast cancer!


40,000 participants against breast cancer!


Today it turns out we overcome the difficulties and we are here, fighting and strong until breast cancer becomes a past. 

We continue “running” throughout the year with support and information programs, expand our activities by investing in scientific research and meeting healthcare needs.



36651 participants run, celebrated, supported the race against breast cancer.

Together, we have been able to talk openly about breast cancer, not to be afraid of it, to increase early diagnosis in Greece, and to make this race the second largest Race for the Cure® in the world.


This day is a feast for all of us.


 30.845 participants against breast cancer

Women with pink t-shirts (survivors) are not just the pink color we wear on us. 

We are more than pink.


25.000 runners and walkers

Despite the difficulties and the economic situation in Greece, more people joined the race against breast cancer.


More than 17.000 participants

If breast cancer is diagnosed at an early stage it may have up to 96% chance of complete healing. The organization of Greece Race for the Cure® is the most important way to promote early diagnosis.


15.000 participants in Greece Race for the Cure®

We want to honor women who have lost or defeated the battle with the disease and to inform the world about breast cancer and methods of early diagnosis.


13.000 participants

Men, women and children of all ages with a common goal of contributing to the global battle against breast cancer.


More than 11.000 participants against breast cancer

Every life is important. We will do everything we can until we find treatments that will put an end to this disease!


8.000 people run with Alma Zois in Zappeion

Together we fight against breast cancer!



First Greece Race for the Cure®!


5.124 people run for the first time in Greece with Alma Zois

The US Organization Susan G. Komen is in contact with the Pan-Hellenic Association of Women with Breast Cancer “Alma of Life” and the first race Greece Race for the Cure® is a reality!