Oysho was set up in 2001 as a new brand resulting from the Inditex Group. Oysho collections are carefully selected to offer style and design, combined with garment quality and comfort in all their product lines: lingerie, sleepwear, gymwear, beachwear, accessories and footwear.

Oysho is a brand for independent, self-confident women who pay close attention to detail, appreciate quality and love dressing in the latest fashion trends.

Oysho continues to support the world of sport and a healthy lifestyle. For yet another year, the brand will sponsor the Women’s Race in Spain, México, Italy, Portugal and has decided to renew its commitment to Greece joining the Greece Race for the Cure® in Athens for the third time to show its support for this common cause.

Oysho has more than 677 stores in 59 countries, 19 of them in Greece. Oysho also has an online shop at www.oysho.com, available in 33 countries.