...By starting your Team

You honour women who are fighting breast cancer or lost their fight with the disease
You support the increase of breast cancer awareness in Greece and in this way you save lives
You show love and caring to yourself and those around you
You take action into global fight against breast cancer
You contribute to fundraising for the implementation of programs that aim at supporting women with breast cancer around Greece, advocating patients rights for early diagnosis and better treatment and reducing deaths from the disease You motivate colleagues, friends and relatives to join for a common cause You claim the prize of the biggest group by category (Individual Initiative, Company, Educational Institution, Embassy Club, Association/N.G.O., Gym Club, Woman with experience of breast cancer)
You have fun with your team!

Before Greece Race for the Cure®

Teams "run" all over September spreading the message against breast cancer by adding new members to their teams, creating banners and promoting race's cause against breast cancer!
Teams with more than 10 members get in noble competition, they are posted on the Race's website and claim the prize of the larger team in their category.

Greece Race for the Cure® Day

The day of Greece Race for the Cure®, teams are photographed in the special wall and have a beautiful memento so that to remember their participation and the number of their members.

Teams GO on against breast cancer during september


individual initiative

Any person over 18 years old can recruit friends, family and colleagues in order to start a Team.

breast cancer survivor

Any woman with breast cancer experience can recruit friends, family and colleagues in order to start a Team.


Companies can recruit their employees in their Team or employees of a company can start a Team on behalf of their company.

Associations / N.G.O.

This division includes N.G.O., Sports and Cultural Associations, Federations.​

Educational Institution

Includes Educational Institutions of any level (degree) (public and private sector).


Embassy Clubs of any country can take part.

Athletic Organizations/Gym Clubs

Any athletic organization or Gym is welcome!

Become a Team Captain!

Team captain’s guide contains all the information you need to make your own team. 

You can either send the guide to your team members as a link or as an attached document via email or print it.

If you have already read the guide but you need further information, the coordinator of group registrations, Mrs Froso Tzintziropoulou, is at your disposal: 210 41 80 006 (25)


Team leaders who register additional members to their team can download the authorization form here: GROUP AUTHORIZATION DOCUMENT



We answer your questions
  • A team is a group with a minimum of 10 participants
  • If you start your own team but you don’t manage to recruit more than 10 team members, your participation still will be registered to group registration records but there will be no mention on the website .
  • Members of the same team it is not obligatory to register on the same route. There could be 2km walker and runners in the same team.
  • Team captains who register additional members to their teams are required to inform them about the conditions of participation and to ensure that they agree and sign the Terms of Participation. 
  • In case that the team leader or any other member enrolls via Internet members to his / her team, he / she must first inform them of the entry conditions and obtain their consent.
  • Receipts from team members’ donations are sent to the Team Captain and he / she distributes them to the team’s member.
  • Each team member can choose the type of participation they wish and declare it on the registration form.

Decide who will be the team leader!

Find a name for your team.

Tell colleagues, friends and relatives about your team and invite them to join your initiative!

Sign up!

Find ways to attract people to become members of your team.

Your goal as the team leader is to enroll as many members as you can or encourage people to be members of your team.

You are responsible to inform your team members about the race’s latest news, race kit pick up, meeting point at the Race Day etc.
Furthermore, if you collect your team’s entries, please make a list and contact with group registrations’ coordinator.

You can motivate your team members to raise a donation so that to contribute to the implementation of programs against breast cancer by “Alma Zois” Association.

Find ways with your team member in order to stand out at the Race Day.

You can make your registration:

  1. Via Internet (
  2. At registration kiosks – for to 2km walk only


Team captains can register their team via e-mail also (upon agreement), by sending to group registrations’ coordinator (210 4180006, εσωτ. 25) a file including all team members names, deposit the corresponding  amount to the bank and send the depository via e-mail or fax.