Campeón Gaming is a Greek iGaming company, with 6 years of activity in the field and a fast-growth rate, providing trustworthy partnerships and an innovative iGaming technology stack, through its iGaming Hub, which extends to 4 cities: Athens, Thessaloniki, Cyprus, and Malta.

Since 2017, its mission is to create and deliver the best iGaming experience, while its philosophy, “We are our people” is the key philosophy that shapes its values and extends beyond the people of the team. For Campeόn Gaming, its people are its representation in society, and this is why it nurtures them as advocates of equality, respect, and diversity, having a positive impact on society.

Through its initiatives, Campeόn Gaming is committed to contributing to corporate social sustainability, enforcing local communities and society in general, to improve the quality of human life, and the economy in the long run.